Gather Around Our Virtual Firepit

Imagine a cozy evening, the crackle of firewood, the soft glow illuminating faces filled with emotion. At Fireside Buzz, this is where our stories come to life.

Join us in this unique experience, where every story shared adds another log to our communal fire, building warmth that spans continents and cultures.


Visions from the Firepit

Our Fire Keepers

Tessa Nesci

Inspired by the wonders of 3D printing, I specialize in capturing a special moment, a story, or a feeling in 3d and bringing that to life as something you can touch, hold and share. 

Matt Patenaude

Head of an eight-member family who share a love for bonding over games during our cherished “Patenaude Family” game nights. Our journey began in 2015, sparked by the creation of a unique life counter to visually enhance our fantasy gaming experiences and provide a tangible interaction for our children. It wasn’t just about counting lives; it was about creating beautiful memories.

Ryan McAlee

I am a game designer and developer first. I have a foundation in programming and have studied art, history, and business to depths that most people have trouble grasping. I have 5 games currently in their final phases. They have been play-tested at events that I used to host before everyone became so isolated. I also teach game development, animation, and modeling.